Friday, October 11, 2013


Hard to believe but TOMORROW is Run the Rock.  I realize the blog has been a little sparse during this last stretch. I apologize, but it's remarkably hard to write while at sea. Hopefully you've gleaned some bit of helpful advice from my ramblings.

With the big event tomorrow, you should go to bed feeling confident in your training. The hay is in the barn, as they say. Whether you are running the 5K or the full marathon, you are as ready as you are going to be at this point and there are no last minute tweaks that are going to change that.
Your to do list for today:
1. Stay off your feet as much as possible.
2.  Eat a nice dinner of something you know you like and makes you happy. The theories of carb loading are way over blow, so don't worry about gorging on pasta and chugging gatorade. If this means enjoying the pre-race spaghetti feed tonight, there is no reason to go overboard with multiple heaping plates. Take it easy and eat your "normal" amount.
3. Check out the weather forecast. Once. Then accept it's going to be what it's going to be (good or bad) and let it go.
4. Lay out your race day gear from head to toe. Don't forget your nutrition and hydration tools! This will save you from being panicked tomorrow morning.

And most importantly...
5. Relax.  You are strong. You are ready.

Run happy and good luck to all,