Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Running Drills

Run drills can be implemented into your training at any time, during any type of a workout. There's never a bad time to work on your form or cadence. Even though we usually equate run drills with being at the track before a speed workout, run drills can be used during a casual easy run or even on a long run to give you a little focus and quality. There are many different drills you can implement into your training and mixing them into your runs on a weekly basis can have a positive effect on your run form.

Interested in incorporating drills? Make a request for a drill that will address a specific issue you may have.

Run for your lives,
Coach Bree

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's that time again!

Hello Run the Rockers!

A little late to start, but your favorite RTR blogger is back at it for 2015.  This blog started in 2012 and over the years I've tried to bring you a wide variety of advice and training plans to get you prepared for the Kodiak's premier running event. I am going to try something a little different this year, though. Instead of me spewing forth random bits of running geekery based on the assumption that everyone simply must be riveted, I would like to make this year's blog more of a Q&A.  But how can this happen?! Well, as luck would have it, Run The Rock has a brand new Facebook page. So scoot on over there, like it, bookmark it and then start posting your questions! If folks don't post questions, I'll have no choice but to write about poop again.

Run for your lives,
Coach Bree

Monday, September 29, 2014

Do you run with your brain or your legs?

Did you see the marathon World Record fell?!? 2:02 is now the new record, which is just so inspiring. With that in mind, I want to talk about your mind! You think that we run on our legs? Well, thats part of it, but the real motor that gets us through the marathon and the training is not just our bodies. 
Here are some tips for dealing with the struggles that often happen above your shoulders.
First, try to engage in positive self-talk. The body follows the mind, so if you can, stay positive and let the conversation inside your mind pick you up, rather than pull you down. Its okay to force this. Some athletes have a song lyric, or saying that they can go to when, mentally, things get tough. Find that ahead of time and use it.
Second, bring your awareness to the good, ignore the bad. Look around and find what makes you happy and focus on it. There is always something. Maybe its the pretty sky, or the other runners, or the volunteers, or people cheering. Use that to distract you, or motivate you. It's called, BEING PRESENT. 
Third, set mini-goals along the way. Know in advance where friends or family will be or look forward to a certain spot on course that inspires you. Also, if you have a place that has been a challenge, focus extra hard on it and own that place so when you rock it you feel like you had a mini-victory. 
Fourth, focus on all of the training you have under your belt. You can have confidence going into the race that you can do it! Confidence isn't isn't something that you have or don't have. Confidence is something that you always have, you just choose when to use it.
In training it helps to keep it fresh and fun. Try to explore new routes and run with people. 

Run for your lives,
Coach Bree