Friday, September 11, 2015

Balance and symmetry

Your running posture requires balance and symmetry. If you are not running symmetrically, you create natural angles that put unnecessary stress and pressure on your joints, which can lead to injury. Simple attention to your running form and posture keeps your body aligned and will help you develop into a more efficient runner. The following five-step circuit will help you increase power and strength endurance to keep your body strong for higher intensity training sessions or races. Do 5 reps of each step before or after any workout!

1. A skips

2. Split squat

3. Pushups - Do you really need a picture? Just drop a give me 20! (Or 5, in this case).

4. Rocket jump - Not the same as a snot rocket, although you may combine the two if you wish.
(do you think this guy looks like Daniel Craig?)

5. Pedestal knee to opposite elbow

Questions? Thoughts? Let's hear 'em!
Run for your lives,
Coach Bree

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